How do you process emotion?
How do you come to terms with past and present self, while trying to remain optimistic for the future? How do you know who you are?

These are questions that JJ Posway asks on “Completed Songs,” the debut album from his new project Sloping.

Although some might recognize Posway as the lead songwriter for the band Scooterbabe, Sloping emerges as the next evolution of Posway’s lineage. Similar to how an anthology is a collection of series writings, “Completed Songs” serves as the next chapter to a history being written (and self-consciously re-written) by Posway himself. “Completed Songs” explores more organic sounds through a mysterious potion of twangy layers, sampling and silence, resulting in a beautifully natural chamber of reflection.

The album progresses from acoustic ruminations to synthesized memoirs, showing technique, patience and practice. Each track serves as a window, giving you a direct view into a moment of time, using decidedly ambiguous language to capture the feeling in a way that sheds through each verse. Practice makes perfect, and no one knows that better than Posway himself. If Sloping serves as an escapist diary, then “Completed Songs” is the voyeur’s journey – complete with twists and turns, a changing narrative with moral ambiguities, and an endless amount of heart. (Bio by Maria Lewczyk)

Sloping - Competed Songs
February 2021
sound as language